The goal of EL JUEGO DE CINE is to find the movies which the organization will propose by means of images, videos, sounds or texts. Teams will collect points for every correct movie.

The team with most points at the end of the competition will be the winner. If there is a tie among several teams, the winner will be the team which has won in most single weeks. If there is still a tie after this, the winner will be the team which found more movies without the clues.

The “prize” for the winning team of EL JUEGO will be the honor and the responsibility to organize the next edition. If the winner refuses the “prize”, the distinction will go to the next clasified team.

The team responsible to organize the next edition commit itself to do it in the shortest possible term, which will never be longer than 6 months.

The thirteenth edition of EL JUEGO will consist of seven weeks (eight real weeks, since the last one is a double week), which will carry out during the following dates:

Week 1: Monday, September 30 to Sunday, October 6
Week 2: Monday, October 7 to Sunday, October 13
Week 3: Monday, October 14 to Sunday, October 20
Week 4: Monday, October 21 to Sunday, October 27
Week 5: Monday, October 28 to Sunday, November 3
Week 6: Monday, November 4 to Sunday, November 10
Week 7: Monday, November 11 to Sunday, November 24 (double week)

Each standard week will begin on Monday, at 22.00 hours. The first period to send the answers or “first phase” will finish the following Thursday at 22.00 hours.

During that term, team can send their answers to the EL JUEGO e-mail address:

You can send SEVERAL E-MAILS per phase if you wish, but only ONE ANSWER (the first one) will be valid per proposed movie.

The second phase of each week will begin on Thursday at 22.00 hours and will finish the following Sunday at 22.00 hours. Answers will be send as per the first phase system.

The seven weeks of this edition are different and each of them is therefore considered special. Each week will have its short specific rules which must be born in mind for it.

There will be a “jinxed” movie each week which is not really a movie.

Teams can “report” this false movie during the first phase of each week (until Thursday, 22.00 hours). Those teams sending a mail pointing out the JINXED movie will receive 1 extra point. Those teams not doing it or failing in its report will receive a negative point.

The movies to discover fulfill the following requirements of necessity:

-They are included in the ‘Internet Movie Database’ (IMDB)

-They have not appeared in previous editions of EL JUEGO DE CINE unless otherwise noted, so it is recommendable to check the list ofpreviously appeared movies.

The official website for this thirteenth edition of EL JUEGO will be a blog, and its address is

In this blog, we will be publishing entries with all the necessary information regarding the development of EL JUEGO.

It is important to check the blog frequently, for it will be the means to communicate any special feature, clarification or explanation which can arise during each week.

You can find sections with general information regarding EL JUEGO (clarifications, previous editions, rules...) in the blog.

Images and sounds will be published in their appropriate sections each week.

The organizers welcome any comment to the entries of the blog, as they make more enjoyable the relations between the participant teams.

Answers must be sent to the EL JUEGO e.mail:

Answers must observe the following format:
Number of the movie, Title (original or translated), Director and release Year.

For example: 1. STAR WARS – George Lucas, 1977
2. EL VERDUGO – Luis Gª Berlanga, 1963

To “report” the jinxed movie, it is enough with writing something like “We report that the jinxed movie of this week is movie number 3”.

All these data are necessary for an answer to be considered correct. Once we have received an answer for a movie, it can not be corrected within the same phase.

You can enclose with you answers any comments regarding the course of the week (anecdotes, difficulty...) or you can use the comment sections in the blog.

The periods to send the answers each week are those described in the appropriate part of the rules. Any answer out of the period will be rejected. It will be the responsibility of each team to assume the risk of sending mails very close to the stipulate periods.

The ENTRY must be fulfilled by sending an e-mail to the official EL JUEGO address before the beginning of the game or it can also be done with the FIRST ROUND OF ANSWERS.

In the case of an individual player, the alias or name and a valid e-mail address for communication must be included; in the case of a team, you must send its name, the names or aliases of each member and the spokesperson´s valid e-mail (he/she will be the team representative and the one who will send answers and receive results).

In both cases, individual players and teams, it is recommended to facilitate an alternative e-mail address (if possible, in a differente server) in case any problem would arise.

The new features of this editions (natural weeks to begin and end the phases, special movies, types of weeks, etc) have been included with the aim of varying some of the componentes of EL JUEGO, and also because of the personal criterion of the organizing team and its members availability.

They don´t necessarily have to be assumed by the next organizing team, just like LOS FANCINEROSOS have not assumed as untouchables the rules from previous editions.

In no case teams will use any Internet site or address of public access to discuss or consult any type of information regarding the weeks of EL JUEGO and its movies. Individual players or teams incurring in this kind of behaviour will be penalized by the organization. This could go from point loss to even expulsion.

Participants are encouraged to discuss and comment in the blog the movies of each week once this has ended. Any information regarding the development of the edition will be published in the blog.

 Since the nature of the game is merely playful, and since the “prize” for the winner is just the possibility of organizing the next edition, we think the following warning is unnecessary. Anyway, in the absurd and sad case of finding out that some participant is incurring some irregularity, the organization reserves the right to make the necessary decisions.

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